Welcome to my comic diary! This is where I compile my thoughts about comics such as manga and graphic novels that I've read. This website is just for fun, so updates may be slow/outdated.

I read a lot of comics, usually multiple at once. I'll try to keep track of this as best as I can. My favorite genres are sci-fi, fantasy, and mystery, and as for manga I lean heavily into shojosei. I try to venture outside of my comfort zone frequently, and if you have any recommendations I would love to hear them.

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Current Reads

Completed Series:

Golden Kamuy by Satoru Noda

  • ⊳ 5/31 Volumes
  • ⊳ I adore these characters- the action, drama, and comedy are all perfectly balanced. I can't speak to Noda's portrayal of Ainu culture, because I think even with the amount of research he puts in there is no way to bury your biases.

Kamisama Kiss by Julietta Suzuki

  • ⊳ 1.5/25 Volumes
  • ⊳ My volume 2 had a terrible misprint, so I had to buy a new copy lol. I like it so far.

Ongoing Series:

Oshi ni Amagami by Julietta Suzuki

  • ⊳ 1/1 Chapters
  • ⊳ Super cute! It's way too early to tell, but this has the potential to be one of my favorite Shojo Romance series.